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New York State Independent Redistricting Commission votes to release draft Assembly plan to the public

December 1, 2022

Karen Blatt
Douglas Breakell

New York State Independent Redistricting Commission votes to release draft Assembly plan to the public

ALBANY, New York – Today, the New York State Independent Redistricting Commission voted to release a draft Assembly plan to the public. This draft redistricting plan for the State Assembly is being submitted for public review and comment in accordance with the order of Justice Laurence Love of the Supreme Court of New York County in his opinion of September 29, 2022 (as amended on October 12, 2022), and in accordance with Article III, Section 4 of the New York Constitution.  

The Commission unanimously voted to release this plan to the public for review and comment. The Commission also elected a new Chair and Vice Chair, and released a tentative public hearing schedule.  

The Commission is proud to have come to a bipartisan consensus. Newly elected Chair Ken Jenkins said: “I know I speak for the entire Commission when I say we are thrilled to have a unified redistricting plan. I urge the public to review this plan and to submit their comments either in writing or attend a public hearing.” Newly elected Vice Chair Charles Nesbitt said “I look forward to working together with my colleagues to complete the Assembly map as directed by the court.” 

Pursuant to the Constitution of the State of New York, the draft map is now widely available to the public on the Commission’s website along with all relevant data, and related information so that the public can review, analyze, and comment upon the plan. The public can then potentially develop alternative redistricting plans for presentation to the commission at the public hearings. 

The Commission will begin its statewide tour of public hearings in early 2023These hearings will be held in 12 different locations throughout New York State as required by the Constitution and the trial court’s order. The Commission is looking forward to the public having the chance to review the draft map and is eager to receive input from all New Yorkers. In addition to attending a public hearing, the public may submit testimony, public comment, and/or maps via the Commission’s website or via mail. The tentative schedule of these public hearings is attached.